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Wednesday, December 14, 2011



It's horseshit.  I mean, one night you're having a beer with your scene partner and the next morning he's slashing your tires so you don't make it to the Hot Pockets audition...I'm just sayin' that real people don't last five minutes in this town, so watch your back.

This line from PUNCHING THE CLOWN, the quietly uproarious indie comedy from writer/director Gregori Viens, perfectly illustrates this funny portrayal of entertainment industry culture.  Populated largely by Hollywood hopefuls and wannabe's, the LA scene pulses with the sort of angst-ridden undercurrent that arises in most resource-scarce environments; in this case, hoards of aspiring writers, directors, musicians and actors whose numbers far exceed any available opportunities for breakout success.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New PODCASTS page and December teaser!

After weeks of procrastination, (okay, actually I've been busy rounding up and interviewing the director of my next feature) I have finally gotten around to posting the podcast of my interview with CALIFORNIA IS A PLACE co-writer/director Zack Canepari.