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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Calling all Jive Turkeys...


Alright, I'll stop obsessing about how much better and more apt my answers could have been in this interview and actually write something...

If you're in the Grand Junction area TONIGHT, stop by CMU and take in a free screening of SOUL FOOD JUNKIES, an interesting and entertaining analysis of the African-American soul food tradition and its role in the serious health problems facing the black community.

Inspired by his father's own devastating health diagnosis, director Byron Hurt sets off to explore the root causes of the soul food addiction and how, even in the face of deteriorating health, many simply can't kick their dependency.

As with all issues, the reasons for and solutions to this problem are far more complex than we might think.  On the surface it would appear to be a simple matter of lack of will power and over-eating.  However, there are reasons both physiological and psychological for why we are drawn to the very things that are killing us. 

Add to all that the veritable food deserts that blight impoverished areas and the sad reality that the fresh produce doesn't come cheaply and you've got all the ingredients for a healthcare catastrophe.  

As a regular coupon-clipper, I know you rarely if ever come across coupons for fruits and vegetables. Yet they abound for processed junk it's a crime to label "food."

While SOUL FOOD JUNKIES focuses its attention on black culture, these issues are definitely cross-cultural in nature. What African-Americans term soul food we whities label the equally innocuous-sounding  "comfort food"or "home-cookin'."  Call it what you will, the results are the same...coupled with the industrialization of our food supply, we are systematically poisoning ourselves with the very thing intended to nourish our bodies.

If you can't make it in tonight - check your local PBS listings for when it will air in your area.  To find out alternative ways to access it, check out the films' offical FB page.

Shit.  Maybe one of these days I'll stop neglecting this blog at least enough to post stuff on time.  Ha!  Not bloody likely...

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