YOUR BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK AT FILMS NOT COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU...This blog is dedicated to promoting the art of independent filmmaking. The films profiled here are conceived and created outside the studio system and are brought to you, the public, without the aid of a major distributor. Though they might experience a limited theatrical release, they will largely be available to wider audiences through outlets like Netflix, YouTube or by direct purchase.


My goal here is to introduce both cinephiles and casual movie-goers to the world of film production that exists far outside the major Hollywood studio sphere. Having endured 8+ years as a film exhibitor in a relatively small town - an existence I would characterize as almost as painful as the medieval art of "denailing" - this seems a more enjoyable and financially risk-free way to provide insight into the art of grassroots filmmaking.  As the paradigm of film distribution has changed  dramatically in the last few years, more and more filmmakers are choosing to self-distribute, turning to non-traditional methods of getting their work out to audiences. These are the movies that travel the worldwide festival circuit and occasionally screen in select theaters and unconventional venues before ending up lost in a sea of overwhelming Netflix or online streaming options. They're difficult to find, if you don't know to look for them.  My hope is to open readers up to the notion of something offbeat, to broaden the audience for these films and build an appreciation for the labor of cinematic storytelling.  I am NOT a "film critic."  Why add to the plethora of people who feel content to judge others' work while denying us all the masterpieces they so obviously are capable of producing.  I would never be so bold as to suggest that every film I highlight will make each reader's list of personal favorites.  As an exhibitor, I never felt it my job to bring in only guaranteed "hits."  To the contrary, I often found that the films audiences at first rebuked were the ones they TALKED about the most.  And a film that inspires dialogue has achieved a greater purpose. If your goal is to open up your mind to a wider array of viewing options - but you don't have time for lengthy research - then follow my blog for information on the films you didn't know to look for!

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