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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Love Free or Die

Retired Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly-gay bishop consecrated within the Episcopal Church, is the focus of tonight's Community Cinema feature presentation, LOVE FREE OR DIE, a bold title that plays on the official state motto of New Hampshire, where Robinson served.  Bishop Robinson is an endearing character and an effective voice for a disenfranchised community. I was struck by his ability to articulate with a soft-spoken forthrightness that exudes compassion and confidence in the face of untold struggle.  By virtue of his personality alone, Robinson is a figure capable of breaking down barriers.

As always with Community Cinema films, I walked away from the experience with a more nuanced understanding of the full spectrum of beliefs on this debate. Here, too, "black and white" is the prevailing ideology of those on the fringes.  Many more are muddling in the "gray," caught between their humanitarian impulses and the biblical interpretations handed down to them by the religious establishment.  How are they to reconcile these conflicting forces?

LOVE FREE OR DIE shows us the path to liberation will never be found by demonizing those on either side of an issue.  We must begin by starting a dialogue. Through that discourse we may come to recognize the many colors that combine to form that gray.

Perceiving the color blends that comprise the gray areas of human existence is a daunting exercise.  Community Cinema helps us get there together!

This film will be presented tonight at 7pm in room 111 of the Academic Classroom Building on the Colorado Mesa University campus in Grand Junction.  For a listing of screenings near you, click here.

No screenings near you?  Check here for broadcast listings.

Click below to hear Gene Robinson's NPR interview:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Own, Personal [come to] Jesus

I keep imagining my abdomen on the other end of that hind leg kick...(shudder)

Well, here it first-ever YouTube posting of some of the first footage (by means of the extremely versatile GoPro Hero 3) of my video documentation of the gentling of Takoda, the mustang who will represent Colorado's Western Slope region in the Mustang Million competition in Fort Worth this September.  Here Takoda takes his first steps on his way to becoming the ambassador for wild horses across the country and for Steadfast Steeds, the non-profit hoping to improve the plight of the nearly 50,000 horses and burros confined to BLM holding facilities.

It will be a looong haul for everyone involved... perhaps even more so for me, due to my mentally tortuous quest for perfection.  (Alas, elusive Perfection - you shall find no home here.) Navigating the ins and outs of video production has already proven a challenge in filming environments that are technically extremely unfriendly.  As if the blinding, penetrating sun at 7,000 ft isn't ENOUGH, the meteorological gods have seemed fit to beset the region with sweeping winds, as well.  Good times!

Only a few shoots in and the process has already produced untold amounts of stress, confusion and - perhaps most importantly - untold exhilaration!  Yet amid all the technical challenges, perhaps the most interesting has been feeling out my own role(s) as cameraman, sound engineer, gaffer and director while at the same time recognizing my place within the team that is pulling this together.

At any given point in time I am f(l)ailing in at least one of these.

But with every shooting hour I log I gain some new insight into the process.  Failure is, indeed, the finest educator.  Unfortunately (cue sigh).

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013



Woke up this morning at 4:45 am to do this.  I'm just sayin.'  I've busted my ass so much for this screening my tushie is sore.  If Grand Junction doesn't show for this, I've lost all hope in humanity.  Truly, I have.